Synopsis of ABC Company Based on Actual Analytics

This week, I was given an anonymous company, “ABC Company” and some of their analytics to review. I am able to view their Facebook Insights and one of their Bronto reports from an email newsletter. The focus of ABC Company is overall heath.

On the first chart, I see a snapshot of posts as well as their reach, engaged users, people talking about it, and percentage of virality. On June 2, 2013 they posted, “Today is National Cancer Survivors Day”. 

  • It reached 140 people
  • Engaged 7 people
  • 6 people were talking about it
  • It achieved 4.29% virality (the highest among all of their posts in the snapshot)

Although this particular post actually had the smallest reach compared to the other posts, it was able to engage more of its users. This higher ratio is what gave it the high percentage of viraltiy. This is evident that it doesn’t matter how many people you have in your audience as long as you are engaging them. 

The type of content you share is your most valuable asset. In order to reach more people and encourage them to share your content, you must give them great content. Most of the posts I am able to view are cut off and I can’t read the full post. However, it is obvious that the post about National Cancer Survivors Day was unique. It is the type of topic that resonates with a large population. Everybody knows someone who has been affected by cancer. The majority of their other posts seem very generic. They need to focus more of their posts on universal topics that many people can relate to. If cancer is one, they could offer ideas and tips for meals and exercises to help keep you healthy and decrease your chances of getting cancer. Information like this has a greater likelihood of being shared. Because ABC Company also has a Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube channel, they should have much more content that they could share though Facebook. Images and videos are viewed and shared more often than text alone and could include excellent content about health and wellness. Sharing content from these other channels would also help to drive traffic back to their other online properties.

The second chart I am able to view shows who they are reaching (basic demographics) as well as how they reached their audience. 

  • Their largest audience appears to be women between 25 and 34 years of age (28.6% of their total reach)
  • Men in the same age range account for 18.2% and are their second largest demographic

Because ABC Company is located in Central Florida, it is no surprise that 1,634 people in their audience reside in Orlando, FL. Orlando dominates the audience, which leads me to believe that the establishment is actually located in Orlando, FL. Celebration, FL is home to the next largest population of their audience with only 252 people. English speakers account for the largest majority of their audience (5,027 people). Because the next chart shows no paid advertising and the bulk of the reach is coming from virality, it can be said that they are relying on word of mouth to reach their audience. I would highly recommend cross-promoting all of their social media channels to try to increase traffic among them all. I would also suggest that they place a paid advertisement on Facebook to reach a wider audience. The fourth city with the highest number of people following them is New York, NY. This clearly shows that they have the ability to reach beyond Florida. A paid ad could help bring people from all across the nation, including English-speakers form around the world.

The chart showing unique users by frequency displays unique visitors and the number of page views. They have a high number of unique visitors who do not frequent their page often. The majority of the people who spend the most amount of time on their page are regular visitors. Most of the unique visitors only stop by once and move on. They need to offer more engaging content to encourage their new audience to linger. Posting more images and videos would be one way to achieve this. As I stated above, offering content like healthy recipes and ideas for exercise to increase health would be one way to give value to this audience. We are currently in the beginning of cold and flu season. This would be a great opportunity for them to post content about how to stay healthy during this time of the year. As simple as it may seem, there is a specific way you should wash your hands to make sure you kill all of the harmful germs. A quick little video on the proper way to wash your hands would probably achieve some good visibility. I once learned that you should sing the “Happy Birthday” song while washing your hands. Any less time scrubbing down isn’t enough. It’s silly but offers valuable information.

The Bronto report with statistics I am able to view are from an email sent on May, 21, 2013. 

  • They successfully delivered 2,606 emails
  • Of which, 25.4% were opened
  • Only 10.9% of the opened emails received clicks
  • The total conversions resulting from this email was 0%

They clearly need to include more valuable content in their emails. I don’t know if this particular company sells any health and wellness products but if they do, this would be a great place to share specials and deals. People want incentives and emails are not only excellent for sharing new, fresh information but they are also wonderful for driving traffic back to your website. If they have an online store, they really must place links in their email with promotions to pull their audience back in to the website to make a purchase. If they don’t sell any product, they should be including useful information that their audience can’t live without. They could offer content around controlling your rate of aging by eating right and exercising or step-by-step guides on how to train for a 5k, 1/2 marathon, etc. The amount of information they could share to this audience is limitless. They could include a teaser to this content on their social media channels and entice their audience to sign up for their bi-weekly newsletter for the full details.

All of the suggestions I mentioned to improve traffic and engagement allow for cross-over between ABC Company’s social media, email marketing, and website. A successful marketing campaign doesn’t focus on one area alone. Creating excellent content and cross-promoting on all of their channels would help boost traffic and encourage engagement and sharing. If done properly, the analytics should show if their are any other areas for improvement. These tools are useful and provide vital information to help your brand hit their mark.


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