Advertising Samples

The following comps were created for my Advertising and Social Media class. All of the graphic work was done using Adobe Photoshop. The copy was written to represent the actual brand voice for each comp.

Tumblr GIFs:

Instagram Comps:

Snapchat Comps:

Chick fil A – “Wrong Number”

This Snap features a text message gone wrong when Cow accidentally texts Chikin. It’s a common, relatable mistake and helps to show the Eat Mor Chikin Cow’s personality, targeted towards millennials. Each line appears in sequence as the snap advances.

Chick fil A Snapchat Comp


Lego – “Bricks N Hoes”

This Snap aims to entertain. The second through fourth frames repeat, showing the saying “Bricks N Hoes” twice. The Lego man dances throughout the snap and ends on the last frame. This snap aims to make reference to the movie Step Brothers, where the characters make a video on a boat and sing, “Boats N Hoes.”

Lego Snapchat comp


Chick fil A – “Wake up 2 Chikin”

As drivers pass by Chick fil A on a Sunday, they receive a Waze message offering them a free breakfast sandwich if they come in the next morning.

chick fil a waze comp


Facebook Comps: