I GET Fit! Why Athleta and Erin Tracy Would Make a Perfect Pair

Every path I’ve taken in life has led me to Athleta. I’m ready for you to put me to work!

I’ve created this Pinterest board in your honor.

Remember that little tomboy, running around the neighborhood giving all the boys a run for their money? That was Erin Tracy (me)! Show me any sport and I would conquer it. Competition runs deep in my veins. I do all things with all of my heart and soul! 
You’ve got to have soul


I already worked in the GAP family 

In December of 2003 I worked for Old Navy after returning from a three month Spanish language immersion program in Costa Rica. I was looking for a seasonal job between semesters and they hired me for about two weeks before Christmas. On my second day, my manager handed me a clipboard and said it was my turn to walk around and try to sign up customers for an Old Navy credit card. That was the job nobody wanted because everyone hated to be turned down, avoided, and sometimes embarrassed. I took it as a personal challenge and was able to successfully sign up 110 new credit card accounts in 15 days! My manager designated me as the official credit card signer-upper and I didn’t have to do any of the other associate duties. Well, I did still clean the bathrooms when my turn came around. Those bathrooms were so clean after I was finished with them, you could eat off the floor. I take pride in every job I’ve ever had. I’m not too good for anything and will jump in to help my associates without hesitation.

Positive Attitude is Everything



I was a licensed massage therapist for three years, with a concentration on sports massage. I combined sports massage with personal training while working through college. Once I graduated from the University of Florida in 2004, I began to focus my career towards marketing. I’ve come a long way since then. With all of my past experience in marketing, I decided to challenge myself once more by enrolling in a masters program through the University of Florida to finally claim my place as a communications professional with a specialization in social media.
Power to the she



 I’m ready for you. Are you ready for me?


Kindest Regards,
Erin Tracy

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