Graphic Images: Unintentional Propaganda?

The image seen here is one of many graphic photographs that circulated during the Boston bombings. This week we were asked to discuss the ethical implications of such images. Let’s take a look at some of the repercussions of posting this content in the middle of a tragedy. First Sight As you can see, the … More Graphic Images: Unintentional Propaganda?


Everything in Moderation…on social media that is

This week we explored the world of moderation and social media. Our behaviors and values are our own and we can’t force them on anyone. Our approach must be as light as possible and never show any retaliatory anger. We were asked how we would moderate the following audience/customer comments if left on our organization’s … More Everything in Moderation…on social media that is

Terms and Conditions Explored – LinkedIn

Although not the most thrilling reading material, Terms and Conditions are a necessary part of life, protecting the company and the user and providing information about legal rights and responsibilities. This week, I explored the LinkedIn User Agreement. LinkedIn updated their Agreement in October of 2014. They provide a summary of the updates here. The … More Terms and Conditions Explored – LinkedIn